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    Lonstern is a global brand for companies, led by visionaries. A talented team is enthusiastic to apply a whole range of possibilities for making your business successful. We are flexible enough to adapt to changing customer needs, while remaining firm enough to deliver the best results in a timely fashion.

    At Lonstern, we don’t just consider ourselves your marketing agency – we’re your friend and assistant who takes care of every aspect of your business, no matter how small. We’re deeply involved in your success, answering your questions and generating powerful, innovative ideas. We guide you through the dark forest of marketing activities, making sure you never lose your way. When you work with Lonstern, you gain a long-term marketing partner who is always there for you.

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    • Full immersion in the task

      Full immersion in the task

      To make marketing an effective tool that enables an outstanding outcome, we carefully consider each particular aspect of the project

    • Trendwatching

      We consider new technologies and innovative tools crucial for the modern business

    • Pipeline improvement

      Pipeline improvement

      > Agency product modularity: the ability to order simple and complex services.

      > SCRUM is a project management methodology.

      Project leader, project manager (product quality control, KPI reporting, control of implementation deadlines).



    • The guidelines we follow

      The guidelines we follow

      > Above all else, be trustworthy, loyal, and honest.

      > Instead of waiting to be challenged; challenge yourself.

      > Better act on a solution than overthink about it.

      > Take advantage of opportunities to improve processes and procedures.

      > It is worthwhile to exceed the requirements and thus, make the most of every chance.

      > Have fun and don’t freak out.

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      • What exactly does a marketing agency do?

        A marketing agency’s primary goal is to generate profit for a company. Marketing involves a range of activities designed to attract and persuade potential customers to buy a product or service, through methods such as advertising, branding, and market research.

      • What services can a marketing agency provide?

        The agency’s primary responsibility is to provide business performance services. However, in order to make a profit, you must:

        Pack the company, Create a strategy, positioning, and key messages to communicate to customers. Create a distinct branding: logo + naming, corporate identity, and brand carriers.

        Create a corporate website for the client with a solid foundation for SEO promotion and a clear company presentation.

        Finally, we must select the tools and channels through which our messages will be distributed. To analyze and optimize ROMI’s costs and revenues, plan marketing campaign tactics and implement analytics tools.

      • What do clients expect from marketing companies?

        Small business owners and CEOs often face unique challenges within their industry and seek solutions to these issues. Many look for a marketing agency to guarantee success without any risk. In some cases, a single agency handles marketing, packaging, and sales training.

        Another type of client knows exactly what they want and seeks assistance with a narrowly focused problem or implementation of a specific tool.

        The third category of clients includes those who are new to business or do not have experience in marketing. These clients seek help with bringing their business up to speed and learning about marketing strategies.

      • What is the significance of marketing companies in business?

        Marketing is a critical business function, just like sales or product development. Marketing involves a range of activities that are designed to attract and persuade potential customers to buy a product or service, by creating awareness, interest, desire, and action. These activities may include advertising, branding, market research, promotions, and other tactics.

      • What are the various kinds of marketing companies?

        Every successful marketing agency is unique, just like any other profitable small business. To achieve success and profitability, it takes a lot of effort to organize the company, understand all the functions of the business, have a quality product, and build a winning team – people with passion and drive.

      • Why do you require a team?

        By leveraging team experience and continuous trend monitoring, an outsourced full-cycle marketing team can provide you with an unrivaled competitive advantage. Compared to the alternatives of building an in-house team or working with freelancers, outsourcing your marketing efforts is more cost-effective and efficient.

        Marketing is a critical function that drives continuous business growth by shaping your company’s future, distinguishing you from competitors, and expanding your market share.

      • What exactly is a full-service marketing company?

        A full-service marketing agency completes all business tasks in marketing.

        Complete marketing function in a single agency, as well as training for other business functions such as sales, project management, and organizational structure.

        All of the services a small business requires are provided by a single team:

        • Strategy
        • Branding
        • Printing services
        • Website creation
        • SEO and SEM
        • SMM
        • PPC
        • Email marketing
        • 360-degree marketing
        • Reputation
        • etc.
      • What exactly is a marketing company?

        Marketing companies are organizations that help businesses promote their products or services to their target audience. There are many different types of marketing companies, ranging from narrowly focused specialists to full-service providers. A specialist marketing agency is one that focuses solely on a single tool or service, such as social media marketing or search engine optimization. These agencies can be a good fit for entrepreneurs who already have a well-defined marketing mix and are looking for a team with specific expertise in that area.

        On the other hand, a full-service marketing agency offers a broad range of services that can help businesses with all aspects of their marketing strategy, from market research and branding to advertising and public relations. These agencies can serve as long-term marketing partners, providing ongoing support and guidance to help businesses achieve their goals.

        At LONSTERN, we are proud to be a full-service marketing agency and long-term marketing partner for businesses of all sizes. Whether you need help developing a comprehensive marketing strategy or executing a specific campaign, we have the expertise and resources to help you succeed.