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    PPC advertising can help you increase your visibility online, bring new leads to your website, and boost conversions — all without breaking the bank.

    Pay-per-click marketing - Lonstern


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      Cost-effective Approach

      Cost-effective Approach

      The fact that you only pay when someone really clicks on your ad is one of PPC’s most appealing features. That means you’ll only have to shell out cash if and when a potential customer clicks on your ad.

      However, you can prevent yourself from spending more than you intended by setting a spending limit in advance.

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      Quick results

      Quick results

      PPC marketing provides quick results. PPC advertising also doesn’t necessitate the creation of a target market. Your audience is already waiting for you. All you have to do is develop an appealing offer.

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      Effectively increases your return on investment

      Effectively increases your return on investment

      Quickly monetized after being measured and enhanced. Improving your advertising strategy on a consistent basis will yield the best possible return on investment.


    Pay per click (PPC) — This is a kind of online advertising payment in which the advertiser pays for each click made by a website visitor. Performance-based marketing for quick outcomes.

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    Effective Marketing

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      Employee education and training

      You establish the maximum adv

      Other sorts of advertisements bind you to a fixed rate.

      PPC allows you to operate within your financial constraints. That is, whether you are a multinational corporation or a little business in a small town, you may constantly adjust your marketing budget within your constraints.

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      Ready solutions

      The ideal audience

      You may direct your adverts to the people who are most likely to become consumers.

      You can also target your adverts to users based on demographics, interests, previous online behaviour, and other factors.

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      Longer lists of results

      Clever retargeting

      With analytics and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, you can watch how users interact with your campaign and retarget the ones who didn’t buy.

      In order to remind the user of what they missed, you can only show advertising for products that are related to your retargeting campaign.

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      Creating a Complete Brand Identity

      Competition opportunity

      PPC advertising is a viable option for businesses regardless of their website’s position in the search engine results page.

      PPC allows you to get ahead of the curve even if you’ve just launched your website. One of the greatest advantages of pay-per-click advertising for new businesses is that it levels the playing field in terms of attracting new clients between them and more established firms that have been around for decades.

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      The Era of the Brand

      Brand reputation

      In order to increase brand awareness, it is important to display commercials frequently. Even if visitors don’t immediately click on your advertisements, this is fantastic for brand awareness and exposure in the long run.

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      Customization to your specification

      A dynamic industry

      We need the most recent data on the newest features and strategies for reaching your target audience online, because what worked six months ago may no longer be effective.

      Our PPC specialists are adept at both search engine and social media marketing. Spending time and money on inefficient forms of advertising is something you won’t have to worry about when working with us.

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      Let`s talk: briefing

      We study your product, target audience, previous experience, and current results.

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      We plan a strategy.

      We design and present you with a strategy for establishing advertising campaigns for your company in Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Microsoft Ads.

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      We create content

      Our professionals collect pertinent questions and eliminate those that are irrelevant to your company’s operations.

      Experienced copywriters create “catchy” ads, which we coordinate with you.

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      Advertising campaign preparation

      Create goals in Google Analytics. We create and publish ads straight to contextual advertising services.

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      Campaign launch

      We launch advertising programs and then measure, analyze, and scale them.

      When we obtain statistics, we thoroughly examine the information in order to create high-quality advertising and enhance conversion.

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      Debriefing & Optimization

      Every month, you will receive a complete detailed report your costs and results.

      Every month, our team optimizes advertising campaigns for improved efficiency and cost savings, including creatives, A/B tests, audiences, keywords, negative keywords, and other parameters.


    • What is pay-per-click advertising and how does it work?

      Post Per Click is a payment method for the fact that a user interacts with an advertisement, namely a click followed by a target action (going to a website, lead form, account, public; launching a dialogue or starting a call). (going to a website, lead form, account, public; launching a dialogue or starting a call.).
      You only pay when a user takes a targeted action, if they just view your ad and don’t take the targeted action, you don’t pay for those ad impressions.

    • What are the three types of PPC?

      Main types of PPC ad formats: \ Search Ads (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc) (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.)
      Display Ads (Google Display Network, Microsoft Multimedia Ads, Adroll, Criteo, etc) (Google Display Network, Microsoft Multimedia Ads, Adroll, Criteo, etc.)
      Paid Social Ads (Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Twitter Ads, Quora Ads, Snapchat Ads, Tik-Tok Ads, etc.)
      Shoping Ads (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Advertising, etc) (Google Ads, Microsoft Advertising, Amazon Advertising, etc.)
      Remarketing Ads / Retargeting Ads (Everything) (Everything)

    • What is PPC advertising?

      PPC Advertising is a format for displaying Advertisements with payment for a target action (Click) (Click).
      With professional setup and systematic optimization, one of the fastest sources of traffic and sales in digital.

    • What is an example of PPC?

      The most classic way to use pay-per-click advertising:
      A user with a formed need to buy your service or product enters Google search and writes a Key query: (“Window cleaning services near me”), the google system instantly responds with a Search Engine Results Page (SERP), in which the first three lines are occupied by advertisements , companies that set up an advertising campaign in Google Ads for this keyword. When a user clicks on one of the ads by going to a website, a lead form, or starting a call, the advertiser will be charged an amount equal to the CPC calculated by the Google auction algorithm.

    • Why is PPC so significant?

      The fastest way to get potential customers from the Internet.
      Also the quickest paid method to test a business hypothesis and obtain market feedback in the form of responses to PPC Advertising and your Offer.



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