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    Big Apple Building Maintenance
    Big Apple Building Maintenance
    • Company:

      Since the company has been on the market for sixteen years, the product is refined and of high quality, as evidenced by a large number of reviews and a base of loyal customers, who generated the majority of the company’s revenue.

      Main services: Commercial Window Cleaning services

    • Goal Achievement

      Discovery Kit™

      We put together a semantic core for the SEO foundation.

      We investigated New York City competitors (their marketing, products, positioning, communication model).

      Clients, competitor reviews, and products were all researched.

      We discovered the vector of the company’s development and the unique positioning of the sub-brand after studying the company’s experience and conducting research. Designed models of Psyhea communication.

      Positioning: Exterior Building Maintenance in NYC

      Communication message: Complete building envelope solutions in New York City

    • Planning a budget


      Developed a UX corporate website with well-developed layers that is user-friendly, quick, and distinct from rivals (visual, semantic, technical, conversion).We assembled the site structure with the foundation for further SEO promotion based on the insights from the Discovery Kit. Potential customers will benefit from a clear semantic layer. A user-friendly UX/UI interface with a focus on call conversions.

    • babm responsive design

      Responsive Web-design

      Designed a website in a clean, eye-catching corporate style that is visually robust for Commercial clients. In accordance with 2022 industry trends.

    • Employee education and training


      Designed a website using the CMS WordPress.

      Local SEO Optimization

      Install extensions for SEO and Site Speed

    • Desired emotions


      Install GA4 + Events, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console. ERP system and website integration. Automated NPS and review collection. ERP system combined with an email marketing service.


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