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    Alexa from Texas
    Alexa from Texas
    • Company:

      There was the thought of starting our own unique business with a feminine, local mindset and a desire to assist people in keeping their carpets and furniture clean.

    • It’s a reference point

      Discovery Kit™

      Conducted extensive research on the market, industry, and global trends, consumers, and competitors.

      We created the core of the brand and extracted the meanings that are important to consumers and the company’s owner.

      Developed the company’s market positioning:

      Cleaning Services (Professional, certified service that is safe for children and animals. A company that educates its customers and cares about their comfort at home.)

      We created the company’s product line after conducting extensive research on the ideal customer experience.

    • Recognition and loyalty


      With well-developed layers, we created a UX that is convenient, fast, and distinct from competitors’ corporate websites (visual, semantic, technical, conversion)

    • Responsive Web-design

      Responsive Web-design

      Designed an illustrative and stylish website that stands out from the crowd and is memorable.

    • Customization to your specification


      Designed a website on CMS WordPress.

      Optimized On-site SEO

    • User-Friendly Website


      Install GA4 + Events, Google Tag Manager, and Google Search Console. ERP system and website integration. After the work was completed, I automated the receipt of customer feedback.


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