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    marketing definition
    Marketing definition

    There can be no single definition of marketing because:

      • In one case it’s about making desire in a person, (potential customer) means of forming apperception behavior.

    For example, the creation of an innovative product that did not previously exist on the market or in a given culture of the population.

      • In another case, it is the search and satisfaction of human desires and needs (potential customer) means of customer development.

    Finding the problem and product development to solve it.

      • In the third case, it is re-imagining and forming a new view or joining something that is already in a person (updated consumers of similar products) and having apperceptive behavior to the product.

    New experience with a known product, value formation, or competition.

    Does not exist in reality: business marketing definition. Initially, marketing was formed on the basis of market relations; it is a priori for commercial goals.

    Dr. Philip Kotler defined marketing as “The science and art of exploring, It defines, measures and quantifies the size of the identified market and the profit potential”

    Philip Kotler sufficiently tried to convey the essence of this process. I answered the question: how to do marketing?

    But, his definition raises a lot of questions and doesn’t say what needs and desires are and what makes them different. Obviously, it’s about people. But Philip doesn’t explain why it’s so important for a marketer to understand their own nature. Understand how your own brain works and get concepts and knowledge from sciences such as physiology, psychology, and others related to human behavior.

    We are in Lonstern, trying to revise the meaning of marketing and understand the essence of this phenomenon so that it was clear what exactly you needed to know so that marketing for us was effective and we, as representatives of this activity, laid a professional foundation on which everything else is built.

    So, what is marketing?

    The ultimate definition of marketing by Lonstern: “Marketing” is the work of adapting human behavior to a product for commercial purposes.

    Learn and remember this definition; it contains the main principle of marketing-the relationship of the person with the company.

    From the nature of these relationships and the opportunities of business, they had already built customer experience and planned a “marketing mix”—a set of tools and mechanics to achieve commercial goals. In essence, marketing is a business strategy that answers questions about how and what to do.



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